Legal Services

Union Members have access to legal services as provided for in the ATCU Rule Book.

Representing you

ATCU is proud to say that we have Regional Organisers who are experienced in the representation of members at disciplinary and grievance cases.

They have and are representing members within a number of Train Operating Companies who, under law, have a legal duty to allow ATCU members to be accompanied and be represented by the ATCU Regional Organiser or any ATCU representative. All dealings within disciplinary and grievances are equal to that of any other trade union.

ATCU cares about its members and anyone who allows its Regional Officer to represent them will have the knowledge that we as a union will not let them down. In fact, our expertise in representation at disciplinary and grievances have actually been utilised by other, at no cost to the members, groups and unions.

For free legal advice on all matters please ring the Legal Advice line on 01376 529 299 and ask for either Colin Simpson or Jason Brady. Please inform them that you are a member of ATCU.

Court Blames Driver’s Neck Problems on DOO System

His Honour Judge Yelton found for a Claimant driver who alleged that the exacerbation of a neck condition was brought about as a result of the Driver Only Operated system as in use by the London Eastern Railway Ltd between Cambridge and Liverpool Street.

Indeed the Defendants admitted liability to the Claimant but denied that the exacerbation of his neck condition had anything to do with the system operated by them. It is not surprising that the Defendants admitted liability because they disclosed an Ergonomic Report that they had done which dammed the system.

However, the Judge felt that on the balance of probabilities the Claimant’s condition had been exacerbated by the system by five years and substantial damages were awarded.

The Claimant is particularly grateful to the ATCU for referring him to their specialist solicitors Holmes & Hills and for their support and encouragement throughout. This case is as an example of the support given to all members by the Union – your Union!




Our Solicitors have direct experience and expertise in railway matters and a well resourced personal injury dept to assist and aid ATCU members and their immediate families. They are also able to provide a wide range of services to members at discounted rates including property sale and purchase, matrimonial and family matters etc...

Our solicitors represent members on industrial injury claims at no cost to the member.


Stevens’s solicitors are at present representing members on several ATCU Employment Tribunal cases against rail operating companies.


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